Diaspora Kapita

Diaspora Kapita is an investment holding company primarily focused on investing in multiple sectors.

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About us

Our Vision

To be the leading Pan-African investment holding group focused on identifying, acquiring and building a portfolio of sustainable growth assets in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our Mission

By investing, developing and empowering employees, companies, economies and nations we operate in through creating wealth for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Established in 2014, Diaspora Kapita (DK) emerged as a catalyst for enabling investments by Zimbabweans residing abroad in collaboration with their counterparts back home. This dynamic organization boasts investments across various sectors, including financial services, contract mining, construction services, agriculture, and health services. DK stands as a remarkable exemplar of how the collaboration between locals and the diaspora can be effectively harnessed.
The primary aim of DK is to generate value for both groups while fostering Africa's development by creating employment opportunities and actively contributing to the resolution of the continent's challenges. Notably, the African Diaspora remits an impressive sum of over US$48 billion to their countries of origin and annually saves about US$53 billion in their host nations. Unlocking the potential of this remittance flow presents a transformative opportunity for Africa as a whole.
In particular, Zimbabwean Diaspora members contribute significantly, remitting more than US$1.5 billion each year, and their cumulative remittances to Zimbabwe have surpassed US$20 billion over the past 15 years. DK plays a pivotal role in establishing a robust platform that enables Zimbabweans in the diaspora and those residing in the country to collaborate on co-investments and project execution, all geared toward the betterment and prosperity of Zimbabweans at large.
To get involved, simply head over to www.tsigiro.com

Our Team


Lovemore Tafirenyika Makunike

Chief Executive Officer
Vhusi Phiri

Chief Financial Officer
Gift Chawasarira

Chief Operations Officer
Owen Potani

Non-Executive Director
Winstone Masango

Non-Executive Director
Alphonce Bhunu

Non-Executive Director
Elliot Zvoushe

Chief Operations Officer
Owen Potani