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Diaspora Kapita is an investment holding company primarily focused on investing in multiple sectors.

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Diaspora Kapita

Tsigiro Usekelo – Send Home Partnership

Tsigiro Usekelo is thrilled to announce our partnership with SendHome, an international money remittance company, licenced and regulated by the South African Reserve Bank.
This collaboration between SendHome and Tsigiro Usekelo will empower our clients, particularly Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, to easily send money back to Zimbabwe, for investments, debt service, family support , among other uses. Clients of Tsigiro Usekelo can conveniently utilize various pay-in points in South Africa, including Pep Stores, Ackermans. Massmart, Flash traders, Kazang, Shoprite Checkers, Pick N Pay, Game, , Flash, Usave and Spar. Alternatively, they can access the Tsigiro Usekelo Online platform (www.tsigiro.com ) from the comfort of their homes to send money.
Beneficiaries of these remittances will have the option to collect their funds from any CABS and ZB Bank Branch as well as selected Zimpost branches throughout Zimbabwe. To facilitate the onboarding of new clients onto the SendHome or Tsigiro Usekelo platforms, our partnership will leverage the services of our dedicated Tsigiro Usekelo insurance sales agents and 21st Century Life branches across South Africa.
Vhusi Phiri, CEO of Tsigiro Usekelo, expressed our vision for the platform, aiming to become a comprehensive one-stop solution for the African diaspora, starting with Zimbabweans. Our platform seeks to facilitate investment opportunities both in the home country and the host countries from a single unified platform. Our mission is to enable people to conveniently purchase properties, send money to their families, or invest, all from the comfort of their homes.
Peterson Tengende, CEO of SendHome, emphasized the importance of remittances as a channel of prosperity for Zimbabweans that allows diasporans to be there when their family and friends need them most. Through synergies in our infrastructure, partnerships like these allow us to achieve significant cost reductions. SendHome guarantees cash collection in US dollars and the fees for sending the money home is a low 6,5%.
Join us on this remarkable journey as we work together to provide relevant financial products and services for our clients and communities.

Tsigiro Usekelo is a subsidiary of Diaspora Kapita, an investment company fully owned by the Zimbabwe Diaspora community. Diaspora Kapita (DK) holds diverse investments in financial services, contract mining, agriculture, and construction services. With a workforce of over 200 employees spread across South Africa and Zimbabwe, DK remains committed to fostering growth and development within the region. You can read more about DK on www.diasporakapita.com and Tsigiro on www.tsigiro.com

Sendhome (www.sendhome.co.za ) is a remittances company, regulated by the South African Reserve Bank. It enables its clients to send money from South Africa, in a quick, secure, and dependable way. With a focus on financial inclusion, Sendhome provides a digital end-to-end process from registration, KYC verification and USD Cash Collection. You can download the Sendhome APP to register and transact.

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