Diaspora Kapita

Diaspora Kapita is an investment holding company primarily focused on investing in multiple sectors.

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21st Century Life provides funeral cover & services for the South African & Zimbabwean markets. Aims to provide affordable, world-class services to Africans from all walks of life.

AgroStrong aims to maximise the age-old investment that our forefathers have always had – cattle! Cattle has always been an asset class that our great-grandparents treasured and used to store value and grow wealth.

Northlands Resources is a specialist mining contracting company, offering tailor-made solutions to mining companies in Zimbabwe.

MediChem Health is an initiative by Zimbabweans in Diaspora partnering with Local Zimbabweans to invest in the country’s health sector.

SysTech Engineering is a preferred industry partner for chemicals, rock tools, hose & fittings and engineering services.